Ukulele Utube Notebook

When I turned 16, my loving parents bought me a guitar for my birthday. But I never learned how to play. I never got lessons and didn’t even learn a chord. After one month my friend broke a string on my guitar and that string was never replaced. A few months later my brother smashed the guitar like a rockstar.

For the last 2 years I have been living on the beach in Goa India and have fallen in love with learning, playing and teaching ukulele and guitar. The hardest thing was convincing myself I could do it. If I was going to learn to play, I needed to change my belief about myself and my ability to learn music.

I never thought of myself as a musician or being good at music. However, I was a good athlete. So I made the connection that because I was good at sports, I could also be good at music. What makes a good athlete anyway? Practice, hand-eye co-ordination, timing, repetition and perseverance. The same things you need to get good at ukulele.

So I bought my first guitar less than two years ago. With this new growth mindset, I started getting lessons and watching YouTube. A few months later I bought an ukulele so I would have a small guitar to travel with and continue practicing. I fell in love with playing the ukulele and singing songs. It felt so easy. My confidence increased dramatically. I played the ukulele everyday. Recently, I performed my very first restaurant show where I performed on both the guitar and ukulele. I had four friends perform with me, playing two guitars, drums and a harmonica. It was amazing.

I now write, sing and play music daily. In the last few months I started teaching ukulele and guitar on the beach at sunset. It has been a wonderful experience and I love seeing my students learn quickly. I created the Ukulele Utube Notebook as the ideal companion to take notes while watching and learning from Youtube.

I’ll be the first to admit, I still have a lot to learn. If this book can help you learn to play your favorite songs. I will be very happy.

Mark Latimer

PS. You can get the book here.